First Colours believes choosing sustainability shouldn’t be a luxury. We exist to make sustainable fashion more accessible, inclusive and exciting. 


For us, sustainability is ensuring that we leave the planet in a better place than when we found it. It also means creating a long-term business model that can be easily adapted as we learn more about the environment and world around us.

Our pieces are all made from recycled, deadstock, certified organic or natural materials with the exception of some fastenings (buttons, zippers) which will always be noted in product descriptions. We are actively seeking to source recycled fastenings.

Our tags and packaging are made from recycled materials. 


We don’t subscribe to the traditional fashion calendar. We would rather pour our heart and soul into a few beautiful, timeless pieces than rush to create hundreds of pieces and then attempt to sell them.

We believe that the traditional fashion calendar that is the backbone of the fast fashion industry, can never be truly sustainable. 

Supply Chain

Currently, our recycled fabric, labels and tags are created in China. Our patterns and samples are created in Sydney, Australia and our production is done in China. 

If you have specific questions about our supply chain, please contact us. 


Due to production costs, our size range currently only expands across sizes 6-20. We accept that this excludes a large majority of people from accessing our products, and this is not truly sustainable.

Expanding our size range is a priority. We hope to expand by at least one size with each new collection.

Sizing is taken into consideration not just at the production phase, but throughout the whole design process. We want everyone who wears First Colours to be comfortable and confident.

If you want to purchase one of our pieces but we don’t currently stock your size, please contact us and we will see what we can do. 

We always welcome feedback, constructive criticism and new ideas. We are still learning and look forward to improving First Colours each and every day.

 For more information, Contact Us.